What is Airbnb? Short Answer: It’s the love of my life.

I spend so much time on this website that I thought I’d give you a review of the site, and a few things I’d love to see happen as a user (scroll to end).

What is Airbnb?

Why is it great for hosts?

Hosts can also see reviews of renters (note that renters also have to meet the Airbnb verified ID check), and get the Host Protection Insurance that Airbnb will give every host.

Why is it great for renters?

Because I do tend to move around every four months for my co-op program at school, I’m always looking for a new place to live. A lot of apartments I look at require you to sign a lease, very few of which will let you sign for only a couple of months, or I have to try and sublet from people. This requires joining Facebook groups to meet people, or checking out sites like Craigslist. I’d much rather use a platform specifically meant for arranging housing when putting down a hefty deposit. It’s also an amazing experience to rent from locals who will be able to tell you the best hidden spots for brunch, and the weird quirks about public transit.

What I love about the experience



You can also use Airbnb to find experiences where locals will set up workshops or activities that you can pay to partake in. Check out a hidden jazz club or a painting workshop for two while you’re in town for a weekend visiting some family.

Even the home page is beautiful

We millennials tend to trust, and like things more if they’re visually appealing. Airbnb is beautifully designed, and looks just on the right side of trendy for us to be sold, especially when we compare it to sites like Craigslist. We love the interactive maps, the colourful and well taken photos, and we’re suckers for nice fonts and logos. It’s aesthetic, highly usable, and gives off a level of professionalism and personality.

What I would love to see happen next

Let me quickly compare homes.

Give me something like those phoneArena comparison charts. Let me see all my options laid out on one screen, let me weight different attributes, and then churn out a final score. I envision the process like this:

  1. Save all prospective homes on a wish list.
  2. Hit a “Compare Listings” button or some equivalent.
  3. Open a new sidebar and allow selecting of multiple listings.
  4. Add optional weighting of criteria (ex. “has air conditioning: bonus 1%”, “cost: 40%”).
  5. Show a side by side comparison of the listings, with options to rank based on different categories (ex. cost, public transportation, amenities) or based on the weighted criteria.

Let me pay in a different currency.

Let me contribute to the community.

Hi Airbnb please hire me I love you, but also hello readers if you’re going to book and want 40$ in travel credit hit here.

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